The big WHY

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

What's the reason for me to leave a great, challenging job and a wonderful team at BMW - to start my own venture with horses?

Isabelle with Taurus (on the left) and Dobby (on the right)

People who know me personally, connect my name with horses. To ride, work or just spend some time with these beautiful animals is my greatest passion since 30 years - I started very young :-)

As a career I decided to pursue engineering which later brought me to purchase, supply chain management and logistic operations. With time the size of my teams grew and so grew my interest in leadership.

I always focused on results and making processes more efficient. In the engineering companies I worked everyone had one or two projects on hand involving some efficiency measure or cost reduction strategy. That's what you do in a technical company, right?

Of course technical excellence and an efficient cost structure is important - but have you ever thought how much benefit it would bring to the company if the motivation level of the employees is increased by 30% ?

As an engineer as well as a manager I want to create the biggest positive impact with the smallest amount of effort (or cost). In my opinion that means to work on our own leadership skills as well as on growing more leaders.

"I have seen better results of coaching people in a 1 day horse leadership workshop then through the course of a few month with 1 to 1 coaching sessions."

This is the reason for me to fully focus on this training concept involving horses, and bringing this innovative training to India for the 1st time.

Inspired by the teachings of Robin Sharma and great support from my close network of family and friends, I have made my dream reality.

"My big WHY is to inspire people to discover their full leadership potential through bringing them in touch with nature and horses."

What is your big WHY?

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