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1 million Euro for the Horse Leader

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Just a few month ago the German TV-channel Sat 1 hosted a challenge called "Start Up!" to nominate the best start-up entrepreneur in Germany. Participants looking to secure a start up capital of 1 million EUR (approx 7 crore INR) had to convince the jury with their horse leadership skills as well as master other challenges.

Unfortunately the show was hosted in German language only - but I try to summarize it in a few lines...

If you are new to Leadership training with horses, it might come as a surprise to you that horses have a kind of 6th sense for revealing leadership potential in entrepreneurs and other professionals in business.

In this challenge hosted by the TV-channel the entrepreneurs had to build their own course of obstacles which they later completed with one of the horses. It was very evident that the same horse responded differently while working with different "leaders". It is the same like in a corporate environment where some leaders can engage with their team much better then others.

People with well developed leadership skills like: high levels of enthusiasm, trust, confidence, clear communication and flexibility in adopting the right leadership strategy to the situation can be seen to lead horses in a more effective way than others. Horses will respond to the persons internal attitude and their intentions, they can "see" the more authentic self. In contrast to humans who often respond to a persons outer appearance like nationality, age, position in the company, clothing and many other factors which can be misleading and have less relevance to the leadership skills.

In this TV-Show the horses were used to reveal the "best" leaders. In the horse leadership training we are practicing we help people to improve their leadership skills. A person who faces challenges during the training often has a greater benefit compared to people who master challenges easily. Horses are great coaches, they will make scared people feel more confident and "share" their wisdom with everyone who is ready to listen.

Are you a great (horse) leader?

We invite you to take up a 1 or 2 day workshop with us and our horses. There is no price money available yet (maybe at one point in the future), but the learning experience is priceless...

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