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Peyo - A horse in the Hospital

You might have seen this video on social media... when I watched it the first time, tears came to my eyes. In case you have not seen the amazing horse visiting patients in the hospital, please go ahead and watch it!

In a beautiful way this shows us how important empathy is, and that animals are very sensitive to our feelings. Just the presence of this horse in the room can visibly transform the energy in the room and bring happiness to the patients.

I experience something similar with the participants of our workshops, somehow the presence and the shared experiences with the horses transform people's attitude and mindset towards leadership strategies. It's not so much about the technique or strategy, it's more about empathy and following your heart - which will encourage horses as well as employees to follow you on your path.

"Trust" is another powerful key to success, but we are often hesitant to trust others because we have been hurt or disappointed. When you work with a horse, the horse starts trusting you within a few minutes, and through this trust the relationship grows stronger. We cannot force others to trust in us, but what we can do is trust in others.

If you want to experience this transformational leadership concept with horses in India please write to us:

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