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Outside your Comfort Zone

How often do you push yourself outside your comfort zone?

All too often we stay within our zone and miss to experience the great opportunities which lie outside these boundaries...

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Child standing on the horse at HQ Leadership India, Chennai

Children approach new opportunities (often) with a wide open mind! Imagine standing 2m above the ground an a horse with a smile like that!

When we conduct workshops for children, it is often their first encounter with horses. In the first 5-10 minutes you can see many children keeping a distance of a few meters to the horses and ponies, it is something new for them ... but every child is curious to come closer and feed the horses some carrots or touch their silky coat. I never had a child or even an adult who was "scared" of horses for more than 30 minutes - and after the workshop many participants would like to take their "new friends" back to their home.

A lot of the exercises have to do with "stepping" outside your comfort zone and take calculated risks (we ensure safety above all). During our children workshops horse back riding is a major part of the workshop, and at the end of it, all brave participants even stand on the horse or pony! After overcoming their fears the children gain more confidence and have a big smile on their face.

As we grow older we tend to stay "inside" our comfort zones and the curiosity to explore opportunities outside the boundaries diminishes. In our corporate workshops for adults sitting on a horse is already a great step outside the comfort zone - and then the smile and exhilaration of our childhood comes back...

If you want to know how we push corporate leaders outside their comfort zone watch our short clip

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