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Innovative Workshops: elearning vs HQ

In the last years elearning platforms are booming and there is hardly any course which you cannot find as an online course: from workouts to MBAs and even coaching. While elearning offers many advantages there are a few things which are left out during an online course.

When we engage in activities in nature we realize the positive influence of a green and vibrant surrounding, the difference of walking on soil and keeping your feet on the ground and the face to face interaction with humans.

Managers are fascinated when they join our workshops! On one hand there is quite a big difference between having a meeting in the board-room discussing the leadership strategy for the next month and navigating a horse through obstacles. But on the other side the way we "lead" and communicate is the same. The way we lead has a major impact on the companies success and our own career. Improving our leadership strategies is the key to success and it is easier said then done. Books offer great strategies but we struggle with the implementation. In the work with horses we can practice different leadership strategies and see the effect immediately.

If you would like to improve your HQ (Horse Quotient) please contact us for more information:

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