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Innovative Leadership Program in Bangalore

Our corporate leadership workshops with horses receive an amazing feedback from participants who are coming to our center in Chennai from various locations in India.

To offer these workshops to a wider audience we have started the leadership workshops with horses in Bangalore at Embassy International Riding School.

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Leadership training with horses in Bangalore at Embassy International Riding School

In times of artificial intelligence, booming tech start-ups and social media platforms - it is a change to experience a corporate training session outdoors (not far from the city).

With both feet on the ground, and a 500 kg animal following in your footsteps you can be sure to get a new perspective for the leadership challenges you are facing.

Step out of your comfort zone and experience one of our 1 or 2 day leadership workshops with horses which are focused on:

1. Effective Leadership Strategies

2. Strengthening Emotional Intelligence

3. Situational Leadership

4. Change Management

5. Clear Communication/ Soft Skills

Have a look at the facility:

The Embassy International Riding school is also a proud sponsor of the Equestrian Cross Country team who as won an Individual as well as Team Silver Medal at the Asian Games 2018.

Write to us for more information on the workshops:

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