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Imagine - next Level of Leadership

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is extremely valuable at the workplace. It helps teams to perform better, create a positive work-evironment and brings out great (people) leaders. A lot of companies have established hiring practices to identify and select people with high EQ - but what happens after that? EQ can be "learned", enhanced and developed. Just reading a book about it, or listening to a lecture might not result in a great outcome. Experiencing emotional intelligence and establishing practices for self-reflection can be a great way to enhance your EQ. Its always fascinating how horses impact emotional intelligence and empathy...

We have compiled this short video from our workshops in Europe. Horses all around the world "speak" the same language - they communicate through body language, energy and subtle signals.

Diversity offers a great potential for companies who understand how to tap individual strengths and backgrounds. Virtual communication and global teams offer us unique opportunities to expand our business operations, but for many companies it becomes increasingly difficult to create strong relationships over long distances.

While digitalization and AI is gaining more and more importance, time for personal interaction and developing strong relationships is reduced at the workplace.

Sometimes it needs a change of perspective to re-align our values, priorities and vision.

Horses can play an integral role for developing stronger leadership skills, enhancing emotional intelligence and experiencing the value of trust and ownership in our business environment.

Find out more about our unique corporate leadership programs in India (Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi) and Austria:

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