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Human Resources Conference

What can you learn at a Conference or a Face-to-Face workshop? There are webinars, WhatsApp groups and our day's are so packed that we hardly get time for our family and private lives. We rely strongly on technology in our modern work life, just think about what happens when the power or internet connection goes off for a few minutes… While virtual meetings and webinars can make content easily accessible, a face-to-face interaction adds a dimension which technology cannot (yet) replace.

The organizers of the HR Conference – CHROMA 2019 in Chennai have put a lot of thought into how to involve the audience and bring people closer together. A perfect example of how the human resource department should be: engaging, transparent and passionate about every single individual in the group (regardless of their age, gender, background). The speakers engaged more the 300+ participants in activities like dancing and thought provoking questions and the participants could anonymously rate the presentation/topic in real time.

Ashish Vidyarthi an Indian film actor and motivational speaker brought a new concept to the audience. His take on the word “also” which we often regard as a small and unnecessary word can make a big difference while describing our role. We are not only managers, HR professionals or actors – we are “also” parents, children, photographers, designers, friends, influencers and much more. This little word gives us a different perspective and opens new possibilities how we see our roles and connect to others. A simple way to overcome stereotyping and connect to more people with a small little word called also.

Ashish Vidyarthi further inspired the audience, through a little journey of what drives us, our jobs, our life and our career. Well, most of you know this: It’s love and passion. If there is no passion we will never become good or even great at what we do, it’s the key ingredient to success as well as to a happy life. I can still clearly hear in my head his way of pronouncing “PASSION”, certainly it’s having a big influence in our business as well as private life. Unfortunately our path is often defined by our family, friends, social status and what society “expects”. It might be a great struggle to find and then follow your passion. I can relate to this strongly, and so did the audience on this day…

Santhosh Murugananthan gave the audience some food for thought. He started a chain of restaurants called Kolapasi in Chennai with great passion and some unorthodox ways hiring transgender for preparing meals. Even though in the first months of his business venture they struggled to make ends meet, they stayed true to their values like: Not serving Coca Cola or Pepsi because they believe what’s not good for their health, is not good for the customer’s health either. During the Chennai floods in 2015 they served thousands of meals for free. The audience of HR professionals was impressed by the motivation, drive and compassion of this young entrepreneur – and I am pretty sure this talk had a lasting impression on the mind-set of many managers on this day.

Is it possible to convey the same information through a webinar? Yes, of course. We all see impressive stories on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Youtube and other platforms on a daily basis – but there is something different when you are in the same room with one of these people, it creates a much stronger impact!

It was a pleasure to listen to the talks of great minds like Anand Sundaresan (Vice Chairman, Schwing Stetter), Pearlena Bharathkumar (L&D Manager, Behavioral Training Hyundai Motors), Anvesha (Head Talent, Zeiss India) and many more. The organizing committee of CHROMA and presenters Poonuswamy Perumal, Louis Babu and Joshua David have delivered a great event.

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