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Horse Whisperers in Business

Can horse whisperers improve a corporate company?

I am sure you have heard of the movie "the horse whisperer" in which Robert Redford tames a wild horse in a gentle and seemingly magical way. Around the world there are many horse whisperers who seem to connect with any horse in an instant. Its not magic, but the ability of the person to understand the horse, build trust and give the right signals through body language.

There are similarities between great leaders and horse whisperers:

1.) Both posses the ability to first analyse and understand the people and situation on hand, before moving to a conclusion and taking action.

2.) The leader and the horse whisperer know that any fruitful relationship and business is based on trust. Its not about saying: "you can trust me". Its about deliberate small acts which show that you care about the other person/horse.

3.) Both understand the importance of clear communication. When you work with a horse it is critical to be clear with your body language: your feet, your hands, the tone of your voice and your energy - all need to communicate the same message.

We all learn new leadership skills when we interact with these beautiful animals. For more information on how this fascinating concept works please get in touch with us:

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Horse Whisperer's in Business, Corporate Leadership Training with Horses
Horse Whisperer's in Business

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