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Horse Assisted Education Week - 2020

"How does working with horses enhance leadership?”  The answer is that horses live in the present moment, aware of what “is”,  They are not interested in making judgements - concerned only with alignment and authenticity, demanding the same from us as individuals and business leaders.  In our programs participants undergo a transformative experience gaining deep insights into their own behaviours and leadership qualities related to:

1. Emotional Intelligence

2. Change Management

3. Leadership Presence

4. Conflict Management

Today hundreds of organisations worldwide like IBM, Cisco, eBay, PayPal and more are reaping the benefits of this unique HorseDream approach to Horse Assisted Education, developed 20+ years ago in Germany.


Our leadership development and consulting services are available in 40 countries including Germany, UK, USA, Israel, Romania, India, Bulgaria, Mexico.  Stay tuned to find out more!

For 7 days, consultants from 7 countries will introduce, explain and demonstrate online through articles, podcasts, videos and live Q&A events, what Horse Assisted Education can do for the business world, its leaders and competency development of each individual.

Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Israel, Mexico, Romania – part of the EAHAE, together will cover topics like: Change Management, Complex Negotiations and Resource management .

Soft skills: Self-leadership, Listening as well as Experiences & emotions: Empathy, Energy, Mindfulness, Validation

Client interviews & testimonials about horse assisted education.

If you decide to share the material, please mention/tag the author so he/she can follow and please use the #horseassistededucation so we can track the track the reach of our efforts.

We are looking forward to your contribution...

For details please reach out to us directly at:

+91 8939385902

Or you can log on to to find out more about the worldwide network of horse assisted education, expert trainers and coaches in your area as well certification courses.

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