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Forbes - German leadership programme with horses

Horses help leaders to improve key skills in becoming better people managers. The lessons range from analysing group dynamics and implementing situational leadership strategies up to clear communication and how to build trust-based collaborations.

Nicholas Small, vice president - global operations and asset management at Cisco shares his experience: "Horses and their ability to sense and respond to a person's intention and emotions helped team members who took the course learn to communicate more effectively, face potential fears of the unknown, and manage their emotions to drive better actions and outcomes. Combining the majesty of these animals with the demonstration of key leadership provides unparalleled opportunities for learning in motion."

Experiential learning with horses has a strong impact, because when you physically get over a challenge, you are much more likely to be open to experimenting in the future. You have experienced the positive impact of overcoming certain fears in a very tangible way.

Surrounded by nature, far away from computers and immersed in innovative exercises with horses - this is where managers get a new perspective and inspiration on how to bring their teams to the next level of excellence.

The CNBC Network 18 clip gives a glimpse of how the exercises with horses work and what benefits are created in the business environment through the work with horses.

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