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Effective Leadership Training - what makes the difference?

A training is supposed to help us get better and gain more knowledge in the respective field, but most of the time this "learning experience" is a short lived one. There is a great chance that people can remember the lunch menue in more detail than the training agenda - what's the reason for that?

1. Out of Context

Let's take an example: a manager signs-up one of his engineers to a "Public-Speaking" workshop, in the hope that he will get better at giving presentations to the monthly management circle. If the participant is not interested in improving his public speaking skills this specific training might not have any effect at all.

> Questions to help identify this gap: Has the manager together with the individual identified a certain need? Is the participant aware of his/her areas of improvement?

2. Lack of Interaction

Have you ever been close to falling asleep in a training or workshop? When the training content is delivered through a presentation in a classroom, there is a high chance that the attention of the audience will drift off after a few minutes. To apply and experience the learning outcome ourselves, makes a training much more fun and also more effective.

> Questions to help identify this gap: What is the time spent on theory/presentation and time in exercises/teamwork? Which games and strategies are used to keep the participants attention?

3. Participants

One of the biggest factors of success has to do with the intrinsic motivation of the participants. There is a big crowd of employees who is waiting for their managers to take care of their development plan. How do you train a person if they show little self-motivation? They need to realize that they are in charge of their own progress, and experience first hand the impact of their mindset and energy on their teams.

> Questions to help identify this gap: Is the participant pro-actively asking for training and opportunities to improve his/her skills? Is the training including a focus on self-reflection or self-assessment to help the participants understand their gaps?

Horses give feedback to the participants within 1 second. These animals observe everything from a smile to the level of energy, the sound of the voice and even the intention of the participants - that makes them powerful co-trainers.

Our participants are amazed by this unique training concept. The formula for success of our workshops:

Open Mindset * New Challenges + Powerful Co Trainers + Self Reflection = Leading Change

If you want to experience this powerful program first hand, check out our offer:

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