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Next Level Leadership Training with Horses

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Corporate leadership development

Leadership training with horses is a unique and highly effective method to improve leadership skills. It's simple to talk about leadership and there are great strategies available, but it's really tough to inspire meaningful and lasting change in people. 

This is where our horses come in...

Our mission is to help leaders at all levels to discover and develop their full leadership potential, through this new and experiential way of learning.

The HorseDream concept we use at HQ Leadership India was developed in Germany more than 20 years ago. Today there are over 300 qualified members (EAHAE) in more than 40 countries worldwide, and we have the privilege to offer this program for the 1st time in India.

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Corporate Leadership Workshop

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Chennai - Bangalore

Hyderabad - Mumbai - Delhi

 This workshop is for managers and leaders at all levels to enhance their emotional intelligence and improve their leadership strategy. Experience a new perspective on leadership and effective communication.

​No prior experience with horses required. 


Virtual to Reality with Horses


A refreshing program to upgrade leadership skills and become a more effective leader in the digital world - through the horse-powered program!

No prior experience required.

Flaming Enthusiasm backed by Horse Sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success! - Dale Carnegie

Leaders in Business inspired by Horses

"It was one of the best training experiences of my life."

Deepti Arora, Cisco Systems

Leaders of all levels
Cisco Capital

Leaders must know where they are headed. It is very obvious with horses: if you don't know where you are going, it is very unlikely that the horse will follow you.

Aditya Krishna
Chairman &
Managing Director
Saksoft group
HQ Leadership India - Horses - Aditya Krishna - Saksoft
HQ Leadership India - Training with Horses - Guenter Pitz - BharatBenz - Trucks Asia Fuso

The workshop with horses is a fascinating experience to recognize especially the strengths in the own leadership style and the videos of the workshop can be used for personal development. This is a must for all who like to deal with the topic of leadership in a different way.

Dr. Guenter Pitz
Head of Quality Management
Trucks Asia FUSO International & BharatBenz (Daimler)
HQ Leadership India - Training with Horses - Oliver Ruett - BMW India

A unique experience which reflects your own leadership style. The horses are amazing teachers and exercises are a lot of fun with Isabelle's guidance.

Oliver Ruett
General Manager
BMW India Pvt Ltd

Clients Share their experience

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Young Leaders

Workshops for Children & Students

How do you develop leadership skills at a young age?


Nurturing the right leadership skills in children & students which help them on their way to a future career, is a difficult task. It's fascinating to see how much confidence and determination horses inspire in children within a few hours.

To navigate a horse or pony through a course of obstacles is a lot of fun, and at the same time it is teaching children how to express themselves through their body language.

HQ Leadership India - Training with Horses - Young Leaders at OMR
Who We Are... 

10 years ago horses brought us together from different parts of the world - Isabelle from Austria and Dhruv who was living in the USA at that time. We see the joy horses bring on people's faces every day, should it be a 3 year old girl or a 65 year old business man.

We believe that horses teach us a lot about ourselves and they make us confident and great leaders in business as well as private life.  

Isabelle Hasleder

Since 2007, Isabelle has been working in various cities in India. In the past few years Isabelle was engaged in senior management positions for BMW and Liebherr. After managing a team of 100+ people it became evident that the most important ingredient for success is an effective leadership style. Isabelle implemented learning's from the work with her horses to the business environment. Later she became a qualified educator based on the HorseDream concept and inspired many business leaders to adopt a more effective leadership style through her workshops with horses.

Dhruv Futnani

Dhruv is an architect by profession and has studied and worked in the United States for 6 years before moving back to India. He has been involved with horses from a young age, competing in equestrian events and bringing up young riders to the sport. Dhruv developed a successful program that works to rehabilitate problematic race horses. His unique talent to communicate with animals has given many horses a second chance in life.


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